Appendix A: Traffic Data & Terms

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Section 1: Query Processing

TPP uploads traffic data to TRM during end-of-year processing. This Appendix explains the steps to query the system about and view traffic data and gives some definitions of traffic terminology.

For additional query information, go to Chapter 3, Section - TRM Query.

For additional information about Traffic Data, go to Traffic Data and Analysis Manual.

To view the current traffic data:

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Select “E” Database Query from the TRM Main Menu.

Result: The Database Query Screen appears



Input Location Key fields

  • Signed Highway System, Number, and Suffix
  • From Reference Marker Number and Suffix closest to the beginning point
  • (+) or (–) From Reference Marker Sign (positive or negative)
  • From Reference Marker Displacement
  • To Reference Marker Number and Suffix
  • (+) or (-) To Reference Marker Sign
  • To Reference Marker Displacement
  • Roadbed-Id: valid codes are n, x, y, a, or b


Select “N” to view the Traffic Data and press <E>.

Result: The Traffic Data Screen appears



To exit back to make another query, press <F3>



To exit back to the TRM Main Menu, press <F10>


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