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Section 4: Application for Utility Notice Forms

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Requirements of Controlled Access and Non-Controlled Access Notice Forms

All access highway utility notice forms must be submitted on the "Notice of Proposed Installation Utility Line on Controlled Access Highway" (Form 1082) with drawings.

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Requirements for "Notice" Side of Form

The appropriate form is to be completed in detail and signed by the applicant on the "Notice" side. This portion of the form should briefly but adequately describe the proposed installation and give the following information:

  • location of proposed site
  • total length of proposed installation
  • whether the proposed utility will parallel or cross state highway right of way
  • whether installation will be inside or outside of city limits
  • whether any paving or riprap is involved
  • working pressure of pipelines
  • whether sewer line is gravity flow or pressure
  • voltage of transmission lines
  • type of pipe, encasement or any other related information.
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Additional Requirements for High Pressure Pipelines

All utility notice forms for high pressure pipelines (generally 60 PSI or greater), whether pertaining to controlled access or non-controlled access installations, should contain the following additional information in the description section of the permit form:

  • diameter
  • wall thickness
  • material specification
  • minimum yield strength
  • maximum operation pressure of the pipeline.

With the exception of the maximum operation pressure of the pipeline, this information is to be supplied for both the carrier pipe and the casing. Assurance must also be given that the installation material and design meet the minimum Federal Safety Standards for Liquid and Gas Pipe Lines.

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Requirements for "Approval" Side of Form

After the applicant completes the appropriate form, the district should complete and sign the "Approval" side. This section of the form would list all specifications necessary to achieve a safe installation and an undelayed approval.

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Special Provisions

Any specifications not included on the "Notice" or "Approval" side of the form must be included in a list of Special Provisions that must be attached to and made a part of the notice form. These provisions may be for one specific installation or may be a district requirement.

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