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Section 7: Coffee Rest Stops

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To enhance safety, the department may authorize the use of rest and picnic areas by organizations for the purpose of providing the traveling public non-alcoholic refreshments.

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Approval of Operation

Approval of the operation of coffee rest stops depends upon agreement by the department and operating organizations that the primary purpose of the rest stop is to provide the traveling public an opportunity to rest and to serve them refreshments.

Approval of coffee rest stops should be in writing and should list all the restrictions. This approval should also list dates and times of operation. The approval may be given in a Letter for Approval of a Coffee Rest Stop (Form 2048).

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Location of Coffee Rest Stops

Coffee rest stops on controlled access facilities should be limited to:

On other than controlled access facilities, the locations should be limited to:

The district (or TIC supervisor if at a TIC) will designate the area used by the coffee rest stop. The area selected must not interfere with the use of vending machines.

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Prohibition of Solicitation

Contributions, donations, etc. must not be solicited. This prohibition includes using labeled or unlabeled cans or any other device that could be interpreted to be a solicitation.

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The organization should prominently display a sign stating "ALL DRINKS, REFRESHMENTS, AND SERVICES PROVIDED ARE FREE OF CHARGE."

Advertising signs must be limited to those identifying the sponsoring group, organization, etc. and normal ownership signs permanently affixed to trailers, vehicles, tents and other equipment directly associated with operation of the coffee rest stop.

Any signs installed in the vicinity of the highway must receive prior approval of the department. These signs must not be attached to or interfere with highway signs.

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Handouts, such as leaflets, brochures, etc., must be limited to non-political transportation-related material. No other handouts are permitted. This includes information on the sponsoring organization, raffle tickets, announcements of upcoming events, etc.

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Responsibilities of the Department and Sponsoring Organization

The department will not furnish electricity or other services except water where available.

The organization sponsoring the coffee rest stop is responsible for cleanup of the facilities used for the coffee rest stop during and immediately following the activity.

Coffee rest stop operations should be monitored or checked periodically for compliance with the guidelines. Non-compliance may result in cancellation of approval and denying approval for future events.

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