Manual Notice: 2018-1

From: Daniel L. Stacks, P.E., Director, Maintenance Division

Manual: Use of Right of Way by Others Manual

Effective Date: October 22, 2018



The Use of Right of Way by Others Manual has been revised to add new sections based on policy memos that had not previously been incorporated into the manual.



Chapter 3, Section 13: Debris on Private Property. This new section makes clear that the dumping of materials from TxDOT projects on private property is prohibited, but spells out the rare cases in which exceptions may be made if an agreement is entered into with an adjacent property owner.

Chapter 3, Section 14: Temporary Utility Permits. This section clarifies that temporary above ground utility line plans must be reviewed and approved within the District using Form 1082-T and General Special Provisions for Temporary Utility Installation. It also makes clear that 1082-T may not be used for Temporary Saltwater Pipelines.



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