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Section 14: Temporary Utility Installations

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Temporary Utility Installation Form 1082-T

Activities in construction and land development can require temporary above ground utility lines. All temporary above ground installations in TxDOT Right of Way are required to be reviewed and approved via Form 1082-T and General Special Provisions for Temporary Utility Installation. Along with the form 1082-T, the utility must also submit plans accurately depicting location and type of utility facility occupying TxDOT Right of Way. This agreement must include an adjustment schedule and any special requirement by TxDOT and/or the Utility. This agreement must be executed by the District Engineer or designee.

Temporary Saltwater Pipelines or temporary lines for oil and gas exploration cannot be permitted under form 1082-T. Right of Way Division processes these facilities via lease agreements. Contact Right of Way Division for additional information.

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