Section 4: Agreement Assemblies

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Requirements for Submission

After the plans and estimates have been completed, assemble the following documents, which together make up the utility agreement assembly. Form ROW-U-AdjCheck Utility Adjustment Checklist is available to ensure that all aspects and costs of the adjustment have been addressed.

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  1. TxDOT Right of Way Utility Forms

    Two copies of the signed Standard Utility Agreement with original signatures.

    One copy of appropriate property interest document:

    Two copies of form ROW-U-48 Statement Covering Contract Work one with original signature.

    Two copies of form ROW-U-JUAA Utility Joint Use Acknowledgement, (if applicable), two with original signatures.

    One copy of form ROW-U-40 Signature Authority required only if officer of company or appropriate elected official did not execute agreement documents. Not required if copy of signature authority is already on file.

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  3. Utility Plans

    Two sets of plans. Each assembly of plans should include any alternate plan needed to justify the route location selection, or comparative plans to support the amount of betterment credit, if any. The submission should:

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  5. Utility Estimate

    The estimate(s) and schedule of work, including comparative estimates to establish economy of route location or to establish the limit of TxDOT cost participation when betterment is involved.

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    • Two copies of the estimate.
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    • Major items of materials, correlated with plans, and compliance with the UAR.
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    • Estimate must correlate with statement of work in agreement.
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    • If betterment is involved, two estimates are required. One for replacement in kind, and a second estimate with betterment.

    Actual Cost Estimate Submission Requirements

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    • Estimate must be broken down as to cost of labor, construction overhead, materials and supplies, handling charges, transportation and equipment, right of way, preliminary engineering, salvage credit, and betterment credit.

    Lump Sum Estimate Submission Requirements

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    • The lump sum estimate must be as detailed as a final billing and broken down as to man hours by class and rate; equipment by type, size and rate; materials and supplies by item and price.
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    • There must be a clear understanding of the work to be performed.
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    • Payroll additives and other overhead factors must be shown individually with an explanation of each, along with current supporting figures, bids to support contract work, and description of units of material shown as an assembly unit.
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    • A schedule for accomplishing the utility work must be included with the agreement submission. For simple adjustments, a proposed starting date and estimated completion date will suffice. For complicated adjustments, including those requiring coordination with the construction contractor, the schedule should show the estimated starting and completion dates of major phases of the work. This schedule must be submitted in the agreement assembly.
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  7. Supporting Documentation
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  9. Transmittal Memo From District to Division

Any revisions or alterations to any agreement after it has been executed by either party shall nullify the agreement, in which case a new agreement must be executed by all parties.

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