Section 7: Alternate Financial Assistance to the Utility

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A utility’s inability to pay for adjustments can be addressed by utilizing the State Infrastructure Bank (SIB), or a SIB that operates chiefly as a revolving loan fund and can provide a wide range of financial assistance in addition to loans. In 1997, the 75th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 370, which created the Texas State Infrastructure Bank administered by the Texas Transportation Commission, the governing body of TxDOT. In September 1997, the Texas Transportation Commission approved administrative rules that govern the State Infrastructure Bank.

TxDOT has designed the SIB to enable qualified borrowers to access funds at negotiated interest rates and terms. Applications may be submitted to the local TxDOT District or to the TxDOT Finance Division. Approval for financial assistance to a private entity shall be limited to an eligible project that:

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  • provides transportation services or facilities that demonstrate public benefit; or
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  • is constructed or operated in cooperation with a state agency or political subdivision in accordance with an agreement between that state agency or political subdivision and the private entity.

The State's Hardship Financing for Utility Adjustment fund enables TxDOT to finance a utility adjustment when a short term financial condition exists that prevents the utility from being able to fund the adjustment. The District Engineer will submit to the Finance Division a request for any utility desiring financing, available at the strictly mandated interest rate of 6 percent with the allowable maximum term of 5 years.

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