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Section 3: Final Billings

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Where agreements provide for reimbursement on an actual cost basis, the utility owner or operator, upon completion of the adjustment, must submit an electronic copy of a final billing covering all incurred costs for which reimbursement is requested.

Reimbursement will be contingent upon final audit of the utility company’s cost records and accounts.

Since the utility will be reimbursed 90% of the eligible costs prior to audit of their records and accounts, it is necessary for the State to be furnished with sufficient information to ensure that payment made to the utility by the State will be found eligible for Federal participation.

It is therefore required that the basis for determination of costs be shown and final billing should show such details on a unit cost basis or as man hours by class and rate, equipment by type, size and rate per mile or hour.

Overhead and payroll additive items should be shown individually with an explanation or breakdown of each.

Overhead costs attributable to the construction project are acceptable for participation.

Costs incurred in the management, supervision, and conduct of the utility’s business that would have been incurred irrespective of whether the relocation work is accomplished are not considered as necessary and incident to the performance of the relocation and are not eligible for participation.

Applicable percentages should be indicated when used so that computed amounts can be verified.

Items of cost incurred on a contract basis should be so designated on final billings and information furnished to allow a correlation of the bid items to the approved plan and estimate for determination of extent and eligibility of the contract work performed.

Whenever the billing indicates a substantial change in work from that which was previously approved, the ROW Division should be furnished with an electronic copy of the “As‑Built” plan to show the work actually accomplished in order to determine the amount eligible for reimbursement.

Final billings must be fully detailed and include all costs incurred. Where a partial payment has been made, the final billing should include all costs previously billed and should be fully detailed and reflect the total cost of the adjustment.

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