Manual Notice: 2017-1

From: Gus Cannon, CTCM, Right of Way Division Director

Manual: Utility Manual

Effective Date: November 15, 2017



This revision is intended to update the manual to match current requirements and procedures.



Chapter 1:

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  • In Section 1, updated form numbers to standard format, and added new forms ROW-U-MA, ROW-U-NOPC, and ROW-U-NORA.
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  • In Section 5, updated the types of right of way releases for utility work.

Chapter 2:

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  • In Section 2, updated subsection titled “Released - Limited for Preliminary Utility Activities - Right of Way Subprocess Activity 1”. Also replaced TxDOT External Audit with TxDOT Utility Portfolio Section Audit.

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

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  • In Section 1, remove requirement that letter to utility contains a date of early right of way release for utilities.

Chapter 6:

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  • In Section 2, reduced the number of plans that the utility is required to submit.

Chapter 7:

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  • In Section 1, added information on cost estimates.
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  • Changed title of Section 2 from “Estimate Categories” to “Cost Estimate Methods and Categories”, and updated content.
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  • In Section 3, removed formula for assessing consultant fees & raised limit from $100,000 to $500,000 for requiring ROW Division approval of lump sum agreements.
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  • Added new Section 4, “Buy America Guidelines”.

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

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  • Updated Section 2 “Prerequisites”, and added ROW Division approval requirement for lump sum agreements over $500,000.

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

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  • In Section 1, further clarified timeline for utility to submit invoice & updated utility responsibilities in billing/payment process. Also changed External Audit to ROW Utility Portfolio Section Audit.
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  • In Sections 2 & 3, added wording that documentation requirements for Buy America must be met before TxDOT makes partial payments & before final billing.
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  • Updated Section 5 to show audit by ROW Division Utility Portfolio Section instead of External Audit.

Entire manual:



Charon Williams, EIT, CTCM, Right of Way Division Utility Portfolio Section Director, 512.416.2135



Past manual notices are available in a PDF archive.

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