Manual Notice: 2020-1

From: Kyle Madsen, Right of Way Division Director

Manual: ROW Utilities Manual

Effective Date: November 09, 2020



This revision is intended to update the manual to match current requirements and procedures. Reasons for the revision include the implementation of TxDOTCONNECT & the State Participation 2125 (SP2125) Program.



Chapter 1:

    Anchor: #MOFUGCLQ
  • In Section 1 “Utility Adjustment Overview”, updated the table of utility forms.
  • Anchor: #PEUAGBSX
  • Updated Section 5 “Programming and Authorization”.

Chapter 2:

    Anchor: #GITOBXMN
  • Updated Section 2 “TxDOT-Utility Cooperative Management Process and Sub-process”.
  • Anchor: #YWUECXWM
  • Changed the term “escrow agreements” to “Advanced Funding Agreements”.

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

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  • In Section 1 “Determination of Utility Impacts”, added the requirement for a Notice of Proposed Construction.
  • Anchor: #KJYMXIUQ
  • Updated Section 5 “Combined Transportation Utility Construction”.
  • Anchor: #JQKBAYTG
  • Updated Section 6 “Compliance with the Rules and Policies”.
  • Anchor: #XDYITJOC
  • Updated Section 7 “Alternate Financial Assistance to the Utility”.
  • Anchor: #UKSSXMOD
  • Updated Section 10 “Utility Design Considerations Related to Reimbursement”.

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

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  • Updated Section 8 “Disposition of Existing Abandoned or Idled Utility Facilities”.
  • Anchor: #AGRRWLOA
  • Updated Section 10 “Water Control Facilities (Canals)”.

Appendix A:

Entire manual:



Anna Pulido, Right of Way Division Utility Portfolio Section Director, 512.416.2852



Past manual notices are available in a PDF archive.

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