Section 9: Non-Reimbursable Utility Adjustment Procedure

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While non-reimbursable utility adjustments do not have as many funding issues as utilities occupying TxDOT right of way by a property interest, they are equally as critical in the progression of the highway construction project. Coordination and monitoring of the adjustment at the District level will insure timely project lettings and minimize conflicts within the highway right of way.

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Initial Actions

During the mapping process, all utilities should be identified by “U” number and labeled on the right of way map title sheet when submitted to ROW Division. This will enable TxDOT to anticipate all adjustments early in the coordination process. A copy of the right of way map and/or schematic should be forwarded to the utility to help identify possible conflicts.

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Utility Installation Form 1082

As in reimbursable adjustments, the occupying of TxDOT right of way should be documented by a Form 1082 Utility Installation Request including plans accurately depicting the location and type of utility facility occupying TxDOT right of way. This agreement should also include an adjustment schedule and any special requirements by TxDOT and/or the utility. This agreement should be executed by the District Engineer or designee. This form should be forwarded to the ROW Program Office for inclusion in project files.

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