Chapter 10: Performing the Utility Adjustment


Section 1: Utility Pre-Construction Activities

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The District’s letter of authority to the utility designates the authorized TxDOT Utility Liaison to be contacted before and during the construction stage. The TxDOT Utility Liaison should be as familiar with utility adjustments on the construction project as he or she would be with the transportation project construction plans and specifications, and should also be familiar with transportation project drainage, design, and construction practices. The TxDOT Utility Liaison’s ability to identify possible conflicts between the transportation project and utility designs can help make utility adjustments accomplish their intended purpose.

The District Engineer or designee is responsible for inspection of utility adjustments and may designate a separate utility inspector for the project. The TxDOT Project Construction Engineer becomes the primary responsible party for utility work and coordination upon award of the contract. This person could be an area engineer, a special project engineer, or a qualified appointee.

The transition from design to construction should not be a definite phase point but rather a gradual change with the TxDOT Utility Liaison being consulted and advised. The TxDOT Project Construction Engineer must be familiar with the basic design of the project.

The TxDOT Utility Liaison is responsible for assuring that adequate communication and coordination occurs between the appropriate participants, and is the direct link between the utility, the District, and ROW Division personnel.

The TxDOT Project Construction Engineer must be aware of the need for accomplishing all utility adjustment work as early as possible, including those adjustments that may have to be accomplished during transportation project construction. In some instances, adjustments may be deferred until a particular transportation construction phase is started or completed, as required. For example:

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Pre-letting Utility Meeting (Process Activity VIII)

This meeting will be conducted before the TxDOT Pre-Bid Conference to identify utility concerns for prospective bidders. The purpose of the pre-letting utility meeting may be served by including affected utilities in the TxDOT Pre-Bid Conference.

During the Pre-letting Utility Meeting, consideration should be given to:

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Utility Meeting After Award (Process Activity IX)

(The primary purpose of the utility meeting after award is to transfer responsibility for the project from the TxDOT Project Design Engineer to the TxDOT Project Construction Engineer. This utility coordination meeting will occur after the contract award and before the start of construction. It may be combined with the TxDOT pre-construction conference on less complex jobs, as determined by the TxDOT Project Construction Engineer. In cases where there are outstanding utility adjustments, consider discussing issues listed in Process Activity X, Chapter 2, Section 1.

If it is necessary to defer utility construction and accomplish the adjustment of utility facilities during the construction of the transportation project, attendance by utility personnel, utility construction contractors, and TxDOT representatives should be requested. Representatives of protective agencies, such as fire and police departments, may also be requested to attend. This conference should afford an opportunity for all utilities to discuss the sequence of work in all phases of construction, so that the project may be accomplished in a manner economical and convenient from the standpoint of all agencies, with special attention to the public interest. The pre-construction conference should focus on the following:

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Notification of Starting Date

To comply with the request noted in the District's letter of authorization, the utility must give written notification of the construction start date. The notice must be given sufficiently in advance for TxDOT to coordinate inspection of the work. Upon receipt of the requested information, the District will inform the ROW Division of the starting date.

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