Chapter 8: Procedures for Utility Adjustments


Section 1: Adjustments

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Eligible Adjustments

When highway right of way encroaches on a utility’s right of way, TxDOT will participate with the LPA in the cost of necessary utility adjustment. TxDOT will also participate in the cost associated with utility adjustments when the utilities are located on an Interstate highway project (Federal funding for right of way).

TxDOT’s participation in the utility adjustment will be limited to the cost of making the adjustment, after deductions for the following:

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Partially Eligible Adjustments

An adjustment may involve facilities located partially on highway right of way by statutory right (Public) and partially on compensable interests acquired for utility purposes (Private). Eligibility for TxDOT cost participation is determined by compensable interests held by the utility within the limits of the existing and proposed right of way. When this situation exists, an eligibility ratio must be established and approved by the District before or as part of the Utility Agreement.

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