Section 4: Final Billing for Local Utility Payment (LUP)

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The "Prompt Payment" process will not apply to this reimbursement process. The reimbursement to the Local Public Agency (LPA) will be made after completion of full audit.


Coordination between the Utility and the LPA

Upon completion of the utility adjustment, the utility owner will submit a final billing of actual cost to the LPA. Final billings should reflect determination of eligibility of each item of cost for TxDOT reimbursement.

Final billings should include supporting documentation and a thoroughly detailed breakdown of costs. Supporting documentation includes time sheets, invoices, equipment usage reports, bid tabulations, Buy America compliance documentation, and payroll documentation. TxDOT must be furnished with sufficient information to ensure that payment will be eligible for Federal and/or TxDOT participation.

In addition to requirements for final billing details stated in the subsection 3, the final billing should also show applicable percentages (when used) so computed amounts may be verified.


Coordination between the LPA and the State;

The final billing must follow closely the order of items in the estimate portion of the agreement. Show the following totals in a manner that permits comparison with the approved estimate:

After completion of the adjustment, the utility must submit one electronic copy of the final billing for all costs associated with the reimbursement request. Upon receipt of this final billing check to ensure that all items are eligible for TxDOT cost participation.

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