Chapter 5: Utility Considerations During Highway Design


Section 1: Determination of Utility Impacts

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Utility adjustments are justified by:

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The following elements may be significant in determining the impact of utilities on a proposed project:

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  • TxDOT highway and bridge projects often necessitate the adjustment of utility facilities to accommodate the design and construction of proposed transportation facilities. Failure to mitigate utility conflicts in the design process or to relocate facilities in a timely manner can result in unscheduled delays and increased project costs.
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  • Utilities should be provided early notification of a project through ROW-U-NOPC Notice of Proposed Construction as a project moves from a conceptual state into actual design mode. This initiates the Utility Cooperative Management Process and facilitates the planning and budgeting processes.
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  • TxDOT recognizes the need to develop the right of way acquisition process concurrently with design work and utility adjustments. Current FHWA policy, 23CFR Section 635.309, specifically states that certain conditions on Federal-aid transportation projects must be met before a project can be let for construction.
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  • Inclusion of the utilities, LPAs, and the TxDOT Utility Liaison in design conferences with TxDOT's design team benefits all participants.
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