Section 6: Utility Considerations in Right of Way Project Closeout

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Before any right of way project closeout can occur, determine that all costs are in and there are no outstanding parcel, utility adjustment, or relocation assistance issues and/or payments. The following are utility considerations in a project closure.

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District Responsibilities

Review files to verify that:

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  • all utility final billings are paid;
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  • reimbursements to LPAs are complete, if applicable; and
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  • all required Utility Joint Use Agreements, Release of Easements, Subordination of Mineral Leases, and recorded Quitclaims are submitted to the ROW Program Office.

Periodically, Districts should review their master list for projects eligible for closure. The longer an older project stays open, the more difficult it is to finalize; therefore, Districts should promptly request closure.

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Division Responsibilities

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  • Create an electronic utility list of all “U” numbers / Utility IDs for the project acquired by computerized application.
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  • Retrieve files from the utility list.
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  • Retrieve any additional files discovered in a physical search of the ROW Division Utility Portfolio Section files.
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  • Examine all files for final payment and discard duplicates.
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  • Review all Utility Joint Use Agreements, recorded quitclaims, release of easements, and subordination of mineral leases. Retain all keep items for permanent records in OnBase, the electronic content management system.
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  • Reduce approved plans or “as-built” plans to half scale. Retain for permanent records in OnBase the electronic content management system.
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  • Make annotations on the title sheet of the right of way map listing “U” numbers applicable to the project.
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  • Deliver files to Contracts and Finance Section with the completed Utility Branch closeout notice.
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  • During ROW Program Office review of the District’s project financial and records closeout request, if any items in the file are missing or incorrect, the Division will:
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    • notify the District of its findings and request action to resolve any items noted;
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    • notify its Contracts and Finance Section that project closeout will be delayed due to the items noted; and
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    • check with the District on a quarterly basis until outstanding items are resolved.
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