Section 3: Utility Engineering Contracts

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Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

The use of Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) can prove to be a valuable resource to benefit TxDOT, LPAs, and utilities. An FHWA study, entitled "Cost Savings on Highway Projects Utilizing Subsurface Utility Engineering (2000)," reports a significant cost saving by more than 4:1 spent on SUE. Using SUE early can aid in determining:

TxDOT design teams should use SUE for the following reasons:

SUE deliverables should be integrated into TxDOT’s PS&E to enable the contractor and all other pertinent parties to have maximum information on utilities within the construction area.

If the SUE data is not integrated into TxDOT’s PS&E, SUE deliverables should be shared between:

A SUE contract may be funded through:

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Utility Coordination Contracts

In addition to the SUE contract, the TxDOT recognizes the value and benefit of utilizing a consultant to coordinate the utility adjustment process. This is especially true in larger highway projects having numerous utility adjustments.

The utility coordination contract may include the following activities:

The ROW Division should be contacted for further information on utility coordination contracts.

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