Section 4: Mowing and Herbicide Application

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Need for Coordination

Overspray herbicide applications must be coordinated with mowing operations to:

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  • ensure effective control of target plant species
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  • avoid damage to desirable plant species such as wildflowers, legumes and forbs beneficial to wildlife (examples include Illinois bundleflower, Engelmann daisy, Plains Coreopsis, Texas Bluebonnet, etc.).
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How Overspray Herbicide Works

Overspray herbicide applications target noxious weeds. For the herbicide to be effective, both of the following conditions must be met:

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To coordinate mowing and herbicide operations, observe the following guidelines:

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  • Do not apply overspray herbicide after a mowing operation or before the target species attains a correct growing condition. (To do so would be ineffective and cause damage to desirable species.)
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  • Allow a minimum of 14 days before mowing in overspray areas.
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More Information

Details on herbicides are covered fully in Herbicide Operations and also available in separate published form from MNT, Vegetation Management Section.

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