Chapter 4: Pruning Guidelines


Section 1: Reasons for Pruning

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Safety is always the first consideration in pruning and takes precedence over all other considerations. Pruning for safety includes:

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  • maintaining required sight distances
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  • maintaining adequate clear zones on either side of and above the roadway
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  • removing low branches that may be hazardous to equipment operated on the right of way, such as mowers.
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To Accommodate Utilities

Utility companies permitted to construct lines on the right of way are allowed to maintain them accordingly, including vegetation pruning. However, utility companies are required to follow the Texas Department of Transportation’s Pruning Guidelines and observe recognized tree surgery practices.

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Health of the Vegetation

Dead or diseased branches should be removed to maintain the health of the vegetation.

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Aesthetic Considerations

Pruning may be done to enhance the appearance of trees and ornamental plants, if it does not interfere with the health of the vegetation.

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Tree-Specific Reasons

shows several tree-specific reasons for pruning, including:

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